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Poppy People


Remembrance Sunday marks the armistice day of the First World War, people wear poppies as a sign of respect to the brave people that gave their lives for their country. Since World War 1, the brutal fact is, more wars have come, and more lives have gone. During the 2 minute silence on Sunday, people remember the lives of everyone who has fought for their country since 1914.   The paper poppy that pins to chests symbolise sympathy and respect for the people who lay down their lives so that we can carry on.

Some people go out of their way to let people know that they are not wearing a poppy out of choice, (Omar Brooks climbed a 9ft building to preach to others to not wear a poppy). This, I think, is insensitive and totally disrespectful. If you do not want to wear a poppy, then this is fair enough, I am no poppy Fascist! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, after all we are British and we pride ourselves in our freedom. However, if you choose not to wear a poppy and then become a diva about it. That then, to me, is wrong. If you must have a negative opinion on such traditions as respecting the dead, then please do not voice them when people are in the process of anniversary mourning.

On the other hand, why do people need to be so fascist towards the people who choose not to wear one? yes, I said not to publicly preach your opinions in an unnecessary way, but two wrongs do not make a right. I read yesterday that the news reporter Charlene White, chooses not to wear a poppy on TV.  Charlene doesn’t like to wear one on the television because she would rather support the cause privately and discreetly, rather than wearing the poppy live on a politically independent news channel: “I prefer to be neutral and impartial on-screen”. The news reporter was faced with violent racist hatred from social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook because she was not wearing a poppy.

Poppy’s are worn out of a sign of respect, remembrance sunday is supposed to be about the troops who have fought for our country, it should not be tainted with such debates as who is and isn’t conforming to society. The egotistical people that preach about not wearing poppy’s should be quiet and have some respect. The ignorant groups that choose to threaten and abuse those who chose not to display a poppy quietly should appreciate the soldiers lives rather than make a hullabaloo out of something so irrelevant to the bigger picture.

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