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Guantanamo bay – a fate worse than death?


Shaker Aamer has been in detention for eleven years now, having been arrested in Afghanistan, 2001, due to accusations that Mr.Aamer was part of a high profile British Taliban extremist group. Since capture, Aamer has denied any association with the Taliban and insists he was in Afghanistan with his family commencing charity work. Aamer has been held in Guantanamo, Cuba, for 11 years, but never been charged with an offence, as the last British inhabitant of the high profile centre, requests for his bale and cleared for release, yet, despite all this, Aamer remains on lock down. With no knowledge as to why he is still enslaved:

 “I wish someone official would give me an explanation and they won’t. No one will say why they won’t let him go.”

 A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “Mr Aamer’s case remains a high priority for the UK government and we continue to make clear to the US that we want him released and returned to the UK as a matter of urgency.”

 This exclusive recording of Aamer from his cell in Guantanamo was aired on US televisions highest ranked channel, CBS, the recording and the pleading from the  163 inmates at this prison, begs the question, how humane is this place?



 The bay itself is known as: a detention centre, a place in which people are retained, encapsulated…no, enslaved for indefinite detention without trial. The men have had their hope taken away from them, and the phrase ‘innocent until proven guilty’ bears no echo on the walls of the detention camp. The camp, was opened in Cuba, 2002, yes, 2002, THIS side of the millennium, THIS side of advanced civilisation. The camp was created after the horrific 9/11 attack. However, and said with the deepest sympathy, it seems that America under panic, lead to erratic, and, extremely irrational behaviour. In fact, a file released from the bay suggested possible terrorist signs, one to watch out for being Islamic men who wore a specific Casio watch. It seems Guantanamo bay is a result of panic, which is now in desperate need to be forgotten.

 Agreeably, I do not suggest that dangerous men are left to run the earth because they have not officially been convicted of evil, nor have they been charged. However, to enslave someone, to banish their human rights without an official trial is inhumane. To fight evil, with evil, makes the government worse than the inmates themselves, (assuming the inmates are what the US government suspects them to be.) Western civilisation prides itself of empathy and a fair justice system, surly Guantanamo is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Barrack Obama, has often talked of closing Guantanamo and many, thousands, of civil rights campaign have begged for this to be followed through. It seems ridiculous that it remains as four walls, despite it’s obvious breach of humanity, as though slavery has broken the time barrier and remains under US supervision. “Please colonel, act with us like a human being, not like slaves.” “You cannot walk even half a metre without being chained. Is that a human being? That’s the treatment of an animal… It is very sad what is happening in this place.” (Shaker Aamer, from his cell room in Guantanamo.)


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